Paul Rosenzweig on Harold Koh’s Duty of Loyalty
By Kenneth Anderson

Following the splendid University of Virginia School of Law conference last Friday at which DOS Legal Adviser Harold Koh delivered the keynote address, Notre Dame professor and Opinio Juris blogger Roger Alford commented on part of Koh’s speech in which he defended himself against various charges of inconsistency and even hypocrisy in not holding to all the views he expressed as an academic over several decades. Alford defended him against this charge in agreeing that his role involves an important one as a lawyer with a client; Legal Adviser Koh is not Dean Koh, intellectual-free-agent professor.

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Defining Ideas Taming the Cyber Dragon?
Blog Post by Paul Rosenzweig

While Ben has often mocked the New York Times for its opinions, the Washington Post has mostly escaped our attention. To a large degree this reflects the level-headedness of its opinions. So when it slips into an alternate universe of unreality, that likely reflects something important. Consider yesterday’s editorial opinion calling for the US to do more to “tame the cyber dragon.”

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American Bar Association National Security Experts Discuss Need for Cybersecurity Cooperation
Around the Bar

The nation’s defense secrets are stolen by hackers working out of an Internet café in Seoul, South Korea and auctioned to the highest bidder. Millions lose power for more than a week during a heat wave due to an invasive computer program that targets electric utilities. The names, birthdates and Social Security numbers of company employees are stolen by organized crime.

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