Mr. Rosenzweig is an accomplished and dynamic public speaker. He has given lectures and seminars on a wide range of national security and homeland security topics to private industry groups, government agencies, and academic forums. He frequently appears in the media and has been seen on CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, the Hearst Network, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Radio Free Europe, ITV (Britain’s Channel 4), NPR, Voice of America, Al-Jazeera, and BBC. He is often quoted in daily newspapers and publications and blogs regularly at Lawfareblog.com.

A sampling of topics on which Mr. Rosenzweig has spoken:

  • Overview of threats in cyberspace – In this lecture Mr. Rosenzweig can provide an introduction to cyber war, cyber hackers, cyber espionage and cyber crime. He will explain what the current threats are and provide you with the data on how much damage is actually occurring.
  • Cybersecurity, the Fourth Amendment and Privacy – Mr. Rosenzweig discusses government plans to monitor the Internet for malicious software and explains why privacy advocates are worried about the plans. He also speaks about the Constitutional on government monitoring of the Internet.
  • Big Data – Every click you take in cyberspace leaves a record of what you do. The government and commercial companies like Google can mine that data to paint a mosaic picture of your life – at a real cost to your privacy. In this lecture, Mr. Rosenzweig explains how that works and why it might be a problem.
  • Cybersecurity regulation – Everything you wanted to know about the cyber regulatory proposals that are floating on Capitol Hill and in President Obama’s draft Executive Order.
  • Airport Security – Everyone hates the Transportation Security Administration. Few, however, understand why it does what it does and fewer still have any sense about whether or not it really is effective. Learn how and why TSA operates the way it does.
  • Bio-Threats and Avian Flu – If there were a pandemic outbreak of avian flu, or if someone launched a biological attack on the United States, could we stop it? The answer may surprise you.

Our graduate business students consistently characterize Paul Rosenzweig’s lectures on cyber security as the “most engaging” and “eye opening” of their program, and his delivery as “passionate” and “wildly energetic”.

A typical quote about Paul Rosenzweig’ s presentation from our MBA students is: “Very engaging and example-based….his passion radiated and his information was relevant, exciting, and useful.”

Our one-week Washington residency classes on public policy for MBA students include lectures from twenty speakers. Paul’s presentation on cyber security is consistently in the top rankings, because he brings the topic alive with illuminating and memorable examples and he delivers his information with such charisma!