Cybersecurity and the Chinese Hacker Problem

Earlier this month, I did a podcast on the Chinese Hacker problem with Richard Bejtlich.  Richard is the Chief Security Officer for Mandiant — the company that published the high-profile report on how Chinese hackers are tied to the Chinese military.  Here is a summary of the podcast:

A few weeks ago Mandiant, a private cybersecurity firm, released an explosive report attributing an epidemic of Chinese cyber espionage to the Chinese army. In light of this report and other intelligence findings, the New York Times reports that the Obama Administration has publicly called on the Chinese government to intervene directly to end such cyber attacks from its own military. Richard Bejtlich, the Chief Security Officer for Mandiant, discusses the content of that report. Our other cyber expert, Paul Rosenzweig, joins to discuss what, if anything, the United States should be doing about this problem. This previously recorded conference call is a part of a new Teleforum series on Cybersecurity and Public Policy.