About the Book

Cyber Warfare:
How Conflicts in Cyberspace are Challenging America and Changing the World
By Paul Rosenzweig

This book provides an up-to-date, accessible guide to the growing threats in cyberspace that affects everyone from private individuals to businesses to national governments.

The Internet enables limitless sharing of information around the globe, resulting in an effectively near-infinite security threat to governments and organizations as well as to individuals’ personal privacy. While estimates vary, it is possible that $1 trillion in theft occurs via cyberspace every year.

In Part I, the author describes the nature of cyber threats, including the threat of cyber warfare. Part II describes the policies and practices currently in place, while Part III proposes optimal responses to the challenges we face. The work should be considered essential reading for national and homeland security professionals as well as students and lay readers wanting to understand of the scope of our shared cybersecurity problem.


  • Clarifies the cyber vulnerabilities of the national infrastructure to intrusion, theft, and war-making
  • Describes how the Pentagon plans to go to war in cyberspace
  • Enables readers to assess the balance between cybersecurity and privacy issues
  • Provides readers with an understanding of the challenges of private sector/public sector cooperation
  • Explains how cyber conflict is developing on the international stage