Video Series

Thinking About Cybersecurity:
From Cyber Crime to Cyber Warfare

(18 lectures of thirty-minutes each)
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Since first developed as a research project in the 1960s the Internet has grown to become a world-girding, borderless domain where more than 2 billion people buy goods, consult doctors, foment rebellion, send photographs, and do countless other things big and small. With that powerful openness, however, comes grave insecurity.

In this course you will learn about the structure of the internet and the unique threats it breeds. As one case study, you examine the Stuxnet virus – the world’s first “cyber-guided missile” – that attacked Iranian nuclear production facilities. You will explore how the U.S. Constitution protects the civil liberties of those who use the internet and how encryption policy is critical to cybersecurity.

You will learn to separate fact from fiction about the threat of hardware intrusions on your computer, think about the definition of cyberwarfare, and the challenge of international cooperation in cyberspace. Your professor, a leading cybersecurity expert allows you to peer into the future of this explosive area of concern for individuals and nations alike.

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