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accomplished writer and speaker with a national reputation in cyber and homeland security.
Paul Rosenzweig is one of America’s leading experts in homeland security and national security, with a particular focus on issues relating to the implementation and development of new technologies. He is one of the leading cybersecurity experts and translators of the new cyber domain. Rosenzweig was also one of the first to develop a course on the law and policy of artificial intelligence.

Paul is an accomplished speaker and one of the leading thinkers regarding new technologies. Paul teaches at the George Washington University School of Law. He is an advisor to, and former member of the the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Law and National Security.

Through his publications at Lawfare and Atlantic Monthly Paul is a thought leader who writes, consults, and talks about cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and other new technologies. He works with technologists, military professionals, and politicians. In the pages of this web site you’ll find resources that will help you understand technology in easy-to-understand terms. Paul is available to speak to your meeting or company and to consult regarding your cybersecurity, technology, and privacy needs.


Comprehensive strategic and legal advice to companies, individuals, and governments seeking homeland security, information policy and data privacy solutions for the challenges they face.


Through a private practice Paul Rosenzweig provides advice on a range of legal issues relating to national security, cybersecurity and new technology.


Paul Rosenzweig is a prolific author, read a sampling of some of Paul’s most notable publications.


Paul Rosenzweig practices law in a solo practice in Washington, DC, specializing in legal issues relating to national security and homeland security, with an emphasis on cybersecurity and privacy law. 


Paul Rosenzweig is a frequent guest and contributor for broadcast, print and online media.


“Paul was a tremendous resource for the House Intelligence Committee”
— Representative Mike Rogers, Chairman, U.S. House Permanent Select Committee onIntelligence


“Paul Rosenzweig is uniquely qualified to write about our need for the better use of data. Cyber Warfare asks critically important questions about how we can best optimize both security and privacy in a world of increasing threats and information availability.”
—  David A. Hoffman, Director of Security Policy and Global Privacy Officer at Intel Corporation


“From his extensive experience in legal policy and homeland security, Paul Rosenzweig is in a unique position to explain the immediate challenge that cyber warfare presents to America and our allies. In his book on this subject, he provides a comprehensive analysis of the imminent challenge and an incisive commentary on what must be done to protect the nation against this increasing threat.”
— Edwin Meese III, Former U.S. Attorney General


“Paul Rosenzweig’s Cyber Warfare is a comprehensive, insightful, and clear explanation of how the world of cyber has evolved from a simple tool of communication and data storage into a fundamental domain of global security. Policy makers and citizens alike will find this volume stimulating and startling.”
— Michael Chertoff, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, 2005-2009


“On a recent flight, I read “Cyber Warfare” by Paul Rosenzweig. Wonderful book. Couldn’t put down. Great legal analysis.”
— Richard Bejtlich, Chief Security Officer, Mandiant Corporation


“We rely on Paul’s expertise on a regular basis. His core knowledge of cybersecurity law and policy is an essential component of our ability to provide service to our clients.”
— Richard Falkenrath, Principal, The Chertoff Group