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Mr. Rosenzweig serves as a professional consultant in cybersecurity and homeland security matters, handling his practice through the private consulting company, Red Branch Consulting PLLC.

Red Branch Consulting provides comprehensive strategic and legal advice to companies, individuals, and governments seeking homeland security, information policy and data privacy solutions for the challenges they face. Mr. Rosenzweig understands the strategic vision that animates American homeland security policy, at the Department of Homeland Security and throughout the United States government. Few others have as complete an understanding of the thought process that undergirds American homeland security policy.

In his consulting practice, Mr. Rosenzweig provides advice to all manner of enterprises on issues relating to the adoption and implementation of new technologies. Many of Paul’s clients are small start ups with critical needs. But Paul also works as a Senior Advisor to The Chertoff Group, where he works with a wide variety of other experts to provide advice to larger enterprises.

Simply by way of example, in recent engagements, we have:

  • Advised a small web-based company on process improvements to enhance its identity verification procedures for its customers;
  • Provided critical analysis of privacy risks associated with a venture capital investment in a non-public company; and
  • Advised a mid-sized tech company regarding product development for DoD applications to include artificial intelligence capabilities.