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From The Hill:

Paul Rosenzweig, former deputy assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Homeland Security during the George W. Bush administration, said he could see Biden making Harris the point person on election security if he wins in November.

“Typically, each vice president gets delegated responsibility for one or two policy initiatives that are within his or her particular purview or wheelhouse, and it wouldn’t surprise me, given Sen. Harris’s background, if a Biden administration were to ask her to take a particular interest in election security and cybersecurity,” said Rosenzweig, who is now resident senior fellow at the right-leaning R Street Institute.

Biden put out a strong statement last month putting the Kremlin “on notice.”

“If elected president, I will treat foreign interference in our election as an adversarial act that significantly affects the relationship between the United States and the interfering nation’s government,” Biden said.

Rosenzweig noted that while both the Obama and Trump administrations took steps to counter election interference, a Biden administration with Harris as vice president would likely go much further.

“It is a heartening prospect to think that the Biden-Harris administration will have an opportunity to refocus our efforts on election security going forward,” Rosenzweig said.

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