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‘Nothing is safe’

The one-two punch of the recent cyberattacks “shows that nothing is safe,” said former senior Department of Homeland Security official Paul Rosenzweig. “Not the meatpacking industry, not the chemical industry, not the wastewater treatment industry, not Sony. Nothing.”

“And the only way to be safe in this world is to unplug completely. And you can’t do that and be economically competitive,” added Rosenzweig, a Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats senior fellow at the non-partisan R Street Institute public policy research organization in Washington, D.C.

Rosenzweig said that the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, and the ransom paid by the company, has clearly emboldened non-state actors to strike at potentially bigger and more financially vulnerable targets, including JBS.

“Until they actually pay consequences, they’ll keep doing it,” he said. “I mean, the Colonial guys got away with $50 million or whatever it was – not bad for a week’s work. Who knows what the JBS guys might get away with?”

“So long as the internet is a place of anonymity, the criminals will be able to act with impunity,” Rosenzweig added. “And why would they stop?”

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