Those who follow my blog posts devoutly (both of you :-)) will be sad to learn that I will be off-line from now until the July 4th holiday.  Of course, as with everything I write about, the underlying reason for being off-line has a cybersecurity connection.

You see, I will be traveling for pleasure to China with my wife and one of my grandsons.  For obvious reasons, none of us will be taking any personal electronics with us.  For equally obvious reasons, I won’t be using any public computers to login remotely to any of my email accounts.  And because I certainly don’t want to place the Lawfare blog at risk, I also won’t be accessing our blog remotely to post  …. even if I have something to say.

It will be odd to be so completely disconnected from the network.  The fact that I feel the necessity of doing so is a testament to how perilous the current cybersecurity situation seems.

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